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Ever wonder what those folks with beautiful lawns are doing that is so much different than every other lawn? We can’t guarantee that they are using power raking, but it is definitely a great way to promote healthy growth of a lawn.

What is Power Raking?

Power raking involves using a fixed blade rake or knife rake that slices the thatch on the grass instead of ripping it from the ground. The reason that power raking is so effective is that is doesn’t cause damage to the lawn or soil, and promotes new, healthy growth where the grass will come in much thicker and more robust.

Fort Collins Power Raking

When should I consider a Power Raking Service?

Power raking removes dead debris and crust that accumulates on a lawn through the winter months. In Colorado, this can be even more important as the winter is extended, and the climate is generally drier than other climates. Power raking opens up the soil to new growth by creating more surface area for seeds to take hold, and is recommended for every Colorado lawn early in the spring to clear out dead debris.

It can also be a good idea to perform a power raking service on your lawn in the fall to remove debris from branches and especially leaves as they break down on your lawn.

Full Lawn Service

Of course, Power Raking isn’t a magical service that will immediately make your lawn beautiful. However, if combined with other lawn care services such as aeration, fertilizing, and regular mowing, your lawn will be the talk of the block during the summertime!

Let Fort Collins Lawn Service help you grow your dream lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our power raking service, or any of our other lawn care or mowing services.

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