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Welcome to the website for Fort Collins Lawn Service! We provide the very best lawn and mowing services that you will find in Northern Colorado, and are a locally-owned company that is invested in Fort Collins and the surrounding communities just as much as you are.

Finding a lawn service in Fort Collins that is dependable, on-time, and will do high-quality work should be an easy task. But in our experience with clients, we’ve heard plenty of cautionary tales about lawn service and landscaping companies that simply do not put the customer first.

At Fort Collins Lawn Service, our number one priority is always the customer. We take pride in being respectful to all of our customers, and in high quality lawn service that we can hang our hat on. We take every single mowing job seriously and make sure that you are satisfied with the service you are receiving.

Fort Collins Lawn Mowing

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Professional, Local, Dependable Lawn Care in Fort Collins

We feel that it is extremely important to have a sense of pride and accomplishment with your work, and that’s exactly how we feel about our lawn services. Whether it’s a weekly mowing schedule or a simple aeration or sprinkler service, our attention to detail will make sure that nothing gets overlooked, and you are satisfied with your professional lawn service.

Here at Fort Collins Lawn Service, customer service  and building relationships with the great people of Northern Colorado are a top priority. Our lawn company knows that it is important to us to invest ourselves in the homes and businesses that we serve, so that we can build a stronger, healthier community.

Our part in this community is delivering dependable, quality lawn service to our customers at affordable prices with reasonable expectations. If your home or business is not a good fit for our business, we won’t try to push and peddle you for a service that you don’t need just to make a quick buck. Our business is built around transparency, honestly, and a lawn that you can be proud of!

Lawn Care Services offered in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath

There’s nothing more satisfying to a homeowner or property owner than looking out over a beautiful, green, trimmed plot of grass. We feel that same satisfaction when we finish a lawn care job, and our passion for mowing and lawns gets transferred over directly to your lawn.

In addition to weekly mowing services, we offer lawn aeration, sprinkler blowouts and repairs, yard cleanups, gutter cleaning, branch removal, tree and bush trimming, and many other outdoor home cleanup services. If you have a question about any of the services that we offer or would like to ask about a service that isn’t listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fort Collins Mowing Service

Mowing Service

The staple of any lawn care company, our weekly service is always dependable, on-time, and of the highest quality. Every time we mow, your lawn will look beautiful and lush. We make sure to clean up as grass trimmings and clippings as possible. We offer bi-weekly and monthly mowing services as needed, and will always communicate with you about hiccups in scheduling or regularity.

Fort Collins Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

One of the most overlooked lawn care maintenance services is aeration. Aerating your lawn is extremely important to promote healthy growth and allow nutrients to fully absorb into the soil. Aeration works by coring many small holes across your lawn, which allows seeds, fertilizer, nutrients, and water easier access into the soils. We suggest that every lawn is aerated each spring to ensure healthy soil.

Fort Collins Yard Cleanup Service

Yard Cleanup: Tree & Shrub Care

The lawn is our bread and butter, but we also specialize in taking care of stray tree branches, bushes, and shrubs. If your yard is overgrown, we will take the time and care to trim your bushes, shrubs, and garden to perfection so you have a yard to be proud of.

Fort Collins Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is one of the common home maintenance tasks that is often overlooked. It’s important to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris to ensure proper water flow, especially during cold Colorado winters.

Fort Collins Power Raking

Power Raking

Promote healthy growth with power raking to create a layer of thatch that will break down and provide nutrition for your lawn. Fort Collins Lawn Service offers professional power raking as part of our complete lawn care.

Other Lawn Care & Yard Services

Fort Collins Lawn Service is willing to do anything to make your lawn more beautiful. This includes, but is not limited to the following additional lawn services:

  • Junk-Pick Up
  • Rock Work
  • Mulch or Dirt
  • Garden Landscaping
  • Snow Removal

We may or may not be able to perform these other services depending on the scope of your project, need, and cost. If you have questions about a specific yard service, please contact us.

Serving Northern Colorado

Fort Collins Lawn Service is proud to serve homes and businesses all across Northern Colorado. If you have questions about our service areas, please contact us.

How Much are You Paying for Your Weekly Mowing Service?

When was the last time you asked yourself this question? When was the last time you questioned whether or not you are paying too much for your mowing service?

Fort Collins Lawn Service understands that your lawn is an important piece of your home, and therefore you want your mowing service to treat it as if it were their lawn. We pride ourselves in being timely, professional, and dependable. We understand that mowing and lawn service is a local relationship, so we respect if you already have someone that you can trust and depend on to make your yard beautiful.

However, if your service has been less than adequate or you are simply looking to shop around for different rates, Fort Collins Lawn Service is happy to help. We will provide you with fair, honest quotes for your yard work or mowing service, with no hidden fees or surprises. Customer communication is one of our primary concerns, so if you are ever unhappy with our service or rates, we want to hear from you.

Contact Fort Collins Lawn Service for all of your weekly mowing, lawn, and yard services! We serve neighborhoods in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, and Severance. We look forward to hearing from you!