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Maintaining a healthy, beautiful lawn in Northern Colorado can be extremely challenging. The Front Range is a fairly dry climate, which means that you need to take extra care and attention to grow a lush lawn. Many focus on the water they are putting into the grass, and what they can see on the surface, however, the true health of the grass comes from below the surface.

Fertilizing helps give the lawn the nutrients required to grow in healthy and thick. Fertilizing by itself can help, but is even more effective when combines with lawn aeration, which bores holes into the ground to allow the fertilizer to get deeper into the soil providing nutrients directly to the roots of the lawn. If there is extra debris, leaves, or thatch left on the grass, it can prevent proper water and fertilization as well, so it’s best to combine a few of our services such as power raking, fertilizing, and aeration.

Fort Collins Lawn Fertilization

When should I fertilize my lawn?

Many homeowners don’t think it is necessary to fertilize their lawn, or just aren’t sure of when they need to do it. In Colorado, it’s even more important to fertilize at the right time because of the limited moisture.

The best time to fertilize your lawn is during the growing season, which happens during the spring and early summer. In Fort Collins, this varies between early April and May. At Fort Collins Lawn Service, we recommend that every lawn at least aerates once per year in the spring to help it grow early in the year and stay resilient enough to make it through the entire summer.

New homes or lawns that have recently been rooted or re-sodded should consider fertilizing immediately, in addition to at least twice in the first full year the lawn is installed. If the grass is too soft or spongy, you should consider scheduling an aeration and fertilization immediately to try and recover the health of your lawn as soon as possible.

Please contact us to learn more about our lawn fertilization service and other lawn care services! We look forward to serving you and your lawn.

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