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Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn isn’t as easy as it seems, and one of the most important services involved is lawn aeration. While we always look at the grass, it can be easy to forget that the health and resilience of a lawn comes from the soil underneath the grass.

Lawn aeration bores small holes throughout the lawn and down into the soil beneath the grass. What this process does it allow nutrients, water, air and seed to penetrate deeper into the soil. Excess thatch and debris can prevent water and nutrients from ever reaching the soil as well, so it’s best to combine aeration with other lawn services such as power raking and regular mowing.

Fort Collins Lawn Aeration

Should I aerate my lawn?

Many homeowners struggle with trying to decide whether or not to aerate their lawn. The best time to aerate your lawn is during the growing season, when the grass is growing and taking root. This season can vary depending on the type of grass you have, but typically is the spring or early summer.

At Fort Collins Lawn Service, we recommend that every home has the lawn aerated at least once per year. If your lawn gets heavy use, it becomes even more important to help it recover. If your home was recently constructed as part of a new build, it can also be very helpful to aerate your lawn to help the grass take root and give it access to nutrients.

If you notice that your lawn feels spongy or soft, or seems to dry out quickly after watering or rain, it is recommended that you schedule lawn aeration in conjunction with mowing to remove excess that and give your lawn the nutrients it needs.

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